Solar energy technologies
Solar Power Plant (1KW, 2KW or above)

This Power Plant consists of centralized array of solar PV collectors & battery a bank. It can be used to generate & supply power for an entire building or a remote village.

Solar street lights

The street lights are energized by Solar PV panel and a battery. Street light will light automatically in the evening and when sun rises it switches off. Street lights provide illumination and safety for highways, streets and remote locations & it is eco-friendly.

Solar home lights

It can be used for regular lighting of homes. It is very easy to maintain and a highly reliable system.

Solar cooker

Solar cooker A solar cooker is a device which uses sunlight to cook. They use solar energy as fuel and they cost nothing to run. It is smoke free, cut’s down energy cost and the food cooked is rich in Vitamins. Solar cookers are used in outdoor cooking, especially in situations where there is abundant solar energy.

Parabolic Solar Cooker

Parabolic solar cookers are devices for preparing food that do not require fossil fuel. They concentrate the sun’s rays to one focal point where a dark pot or pan can be used to cook with.

Solar Drier

Hot air obtained from a solar collector can be used for drying agricultural and other products. The products dried are hygienic and delicious and saves energy.

Solar Distiller

Safe Drinking water can be obtained from saline water using solar distillation process. Distilled water can be used in Pharmaceutical industries, Hospitals, Nursing Homes & charging batteries etc. The Solar distillatory can get 2ltrs of distilled water/day from a collector area of 1sq.m

Solar PV Module Building Cottage Enterprise

NIE-CREST is involving in training unemployed youth to train unemployed/rural youth to build Solar PV panel as part of establishing their own cottage industry.

Solar PV-Wind Hybrid System

Standalone wind with solar PV is considered as one of the best Hybrid combination of all renewable energy systems and suitable for most of the thermal and power applications taking care of seasonal changes.

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