Muscle power technologies
Rope and Washer Pump

This pump can lift water from open water sources like lakes, open wells, streams etc., (not from borewells). It can lift water from a maximum depth of 40ft. This pump ensures crop security for farmers with small holdings. This pump is easy to install, economical and suitable for village level maintenance and operation is one such successful alternative.

Tippy Tap

Is a simple device which will dispense limited amount of water slowly and facilitate a through hand wash. It is made from an used plastic can and locally fabricated. It can be relevant not only in schools but also in houses, offices, restaurants, temples, or any open area where people gather.

Simple Hand Pump

This pump can lift water from a maximum depth of 10ft and 20lts/minute from the sump without the help of electricity. It can be made by locally available PVC pipe and made in less time and at low cost.

Single Piston Spray Pump

By simple paddling we can lift water from 10m depth and deliver up to 30m height, per minute discharge 15L. Useful in lifting water, spray pesticides. It saves fuel & electricity.

Treadle Pump

Treadle pump is a muscle powered, electricity independent water lifting device. It can lift water from any stored water and lift water up to seven meters deep. It is easily installable and repairable.

Centrifugal Water lifting pump

Most suitable for lifting the water from 5 m depth and deliver up to 7 m height at the rate of 30 liters/ minute by using Pedal operated centrifugal pump or piston pump. Popular and advantageous for dry land development, Construction work, as a fire extinguisher, sprinkling water, fertilizers and for drip irrigation system. It is made of commonly available components, easy to use, low cost effective.

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