50kg/day Prefabricated Horizontal Kitchen Waste Biogas Plant

  • Input to the plant: 50kg of kitchen waste per day  
  • Area: 15 m2 
  • System Element: Mild Steel Digester, Biogas Balloon,  Inlet chamber, Outlet Chamber, Slurry Tank,  Gas Flow Pipe Line, Slurry Pump, Crusher, Biogas Burner  
  • Type of feed: Kitchen waste like: rice starch, wash water of rice, used tea powder, coffee powder, waste atta, left out rice, sambar, over ripened fruits, vegetable waste, waste edible oil, and other cooked waste from kitchen 
  • Application: Biogas for cooking at kitchen, Slurry as manure for gardening  
  • Daily biogas & manure: Generation of biogas per day, Generation of manure per day
  • Annual biogas & manure: Generation of biogas per year , LPG Equivalent of biogas per year

1. Gas generation rate of 3m3 per day is under ideal conditions

2. 5 kg of manure per day → Obtained after drying 100kg of wet slurry is considered

3. 1 m3 of biogas is equivalent to 0.4kg (400g) of LPG

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